Other Surface Treatments

In addition to our electroplating services, we offer a range of related surface treatments and cleaning processes

Vapour Degreasing

Vapour degreasing is often the first stage in our cleaning process prior to electroplating. However, we also offer vapour degreasing as a stand alone service to remove oils, grease and other residue from machined and pressed components.

Bright Acid Dipping

Bright Acid Dipping is used to prepare the surface of Copper and its alloys for plating but can also be used for the cleaning of parts to enhance their appearance with a bright, shiny finish.

Acid Pickling

Steel parts can be pickled in acid to remove rust and corrosion and then oiled to prevent corrosion re-forming on the treated surfaces.

Chemical Blackening

We offer a Chemical Blackening process for mild steel components which converts the surface to a black finish without dimensional change. This is useful for reducing glare or simply to make machined parts look more appealing to customers. Protection is afforded by a final immersion in dewatering oil.

Vibratory Polishing

We have a vibratory polishing machine which uses ceramic media and detergent to produce a highly polished finish on small components.